Business Management
Business to be successful it is essential that it must have a management system capable of ensuring the business can achieve its goals and objectives. The ISO 9000 series of standards relate to Quality Management Systems however as businesses will tend to have one system, formalizing the system to focus solely on quality will have no real benefits to your business. Therefore, it will be necessary to move away from a system focusing wholly on quality, to a system that focuses on all the characteristics of your business.

The main reason your business is in existence is to highlight the requirements and expectations of your customers and other persons concerned (employees, suppliers etc) to accomplish an advantage over you competitors. In addition to this, another objective must be to gain, sustain and develop your businesses performance and resources.
Creativity Management
The proverb above can be perfect analogy for Business management. Precisely because, after you learn business management skills you can be certain that you will not be looking back, you will gain enough knowledge and confidence to manage your own business efficiently and effectively. You will then acquire an insight into the effort and hard work you will have to have to put in your business, business management skills will, as always help you sail through any hardships you may be presented in the world of business management.

Effective business management needs planning and doing various activities at a time, but to do that you need to be fully knowledgeable in your respective field in details. You can also utilize business management books that are widely available online and off-line to help you gain learnings and expertise in this field. A business manager also has to understand business performance, the financial aspects of a business for without which he will bring no good for a business. Effective management needs to have creativity that is, with limited resources, can still extract development.

Creativity Management techniques

There are many strategies for enhancing creativity management. For instance, there are a number of methods of generating novel ideas, several methods of making diverse ideas, various methods of generating large numbers of ideas and several methods of elevating the frequency of idea generation.

But, it is of great significance to realize that techniques--although there may be thousands of them - are only one element of the creativity management process. Inside the scope of the creativity management framework, they fall in the creative thinking against critical thinking domain.

Can creativity be learned and enhanced? Utilizing the scale of creativity: a)as a number of ideas generated, b) the variations of those ideas, c) the value of those ideas and d) the frequency of their production, we can scale creative output at any point in time.

Sales and Marketing
Sales and marketing are usually used interchangeably, however, these are two different ideas, albeit somewhat similar. But, it is simple to determine between the two. Marketing is the method of attracting and keeping clients while sales is the actual selling of the product or services to the clients. In medium and large sized businesses, people designated for marketing and sales often do not work together, but it is critical to the success of a business for this to be so.

In small businesses, marketing and sales operations are commonly done by the same person, or the business owner. In such a case, there are no communication constrains because only one person is doing the work. The entrepreneur will always make sales and marketing together flawlessly because they are aware of everything that is happening and do not miss out on anything.