We arrange business finance for business clients in India, Uk, US and All world wide. If you are in business and need finance for almost any purpose, then we are the specialist Business Finance providers that you need. We will assess your situation without any obligations, and then help you structure your finance to best suit your needs, and maximise your capacity to borrow. We have no upfront fees and guarantee a level of professionalism that others find hard to match. Whether you are just looking for a quote on your next vehicle, or need some serious finance for a large property purchase, we are the ones who can deliver.
Commercial loans
If your business requires a commercial loan, we can offer you a loan with a fixed or variable rate of interest, or combination of both, with structured repayments that feature either interest only or principal plus interest. Maybe you have a special project in mind? Please feel free to come in and discuss it with one of our business bankers.

Business overdraft
To help your business meet its capital requirements, we offer an overdraft facility on revolving credit loans with variable interest. It's an ideal solution, assisting to smooth out short-term fluctuations in your cash flow. The overdraft can be accessed through the issue of cheques, debit card, automatic payments and funds transfer. You can make the most of your business opportunities with a line of credit that can come and go as you need it, you simply pay interest on the balance outstanding, so there's no need for a rigid fixed repayment program.

Uponair Cashflow Finance Solutions
Why wait weeks, or even months, for your outstanding invoices to turn into money in the bank? Uponair Cashflow Finance Solutions let you use the value of your outstanding invoices to fund business growth, repay or reduce your overdraft, free up real estate security, fund new acquisitions or simply meet the demands of seasonal peaks in turnover.

Primary Producer Account
This account offers you the convenience of personal cheques and electronic transactions with your Uponair Blue Debit Card, allowing your funds to be accessed anytime. If your account maintains a credit balance, competitive interest is calculated daily and paid monthly into your account. Your Primary Producer Account can also incorporate an overdraft facility. In short, it's all your banking needs in one account.

Tips for Building Corporate Credit
Building corporate credit is important for business owners. The company should have a credit account that is completely separate from the business owner’s, but typically this comes in time. Obtaining a small business loan with bad credit may be one great way of building corporate credit. There are many different ways to get a small business loan, even if the individual’s credit isn’t up to par.

Contact the Small Business Administration
The Small Business Administration or SBA is one great resource for small business owners. They provide loans to business owners at little or no interest, giving the business owners the chance to put their companies on their feet. By having a loan with little or no interest, business owners can build their company’s credit without having a ton of fees to pay back to the lender as well. All individuals interested in small business loans should visit the SBA either locally or at their website.

Check the Interest Rates
If individuals will be securing a small business loan with bad credit from a bank, they should shop around first. Checking interest rates will allow them to find the kind of loan they need and get the best interest rates on that loan. Many banks offer small business loans even to individuals with bad credit – however, the interest on the loan will always be higher than the interest on a loan given to individuals with good credit. One great resource for checking interest rates with different banks is BankRate. Here, business owners can find up to date information regarding the interest being charged on a loan.